Speaking club for teens
12-14 years old
The practice of language is the benefit of theory, multiplied by 5. Thanks to well matched topics and discussions, you expand your vocabulary, get rid of the language barrier and make new friends.

Meetings are held in Zoom, you will be able to maintain eye contact with the person you are talking to and enjoy live communication and a friendly atmosphere while actively practicing the language. In addition, we do not bring up the usual topics like "My friend" or "My winter holidays".
First lesson for free

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From anywhere in the world
All necessary materials will be available through the online platform
Ideal for
For those who want to practice English in peer-to-peer conversations and use it in their own stories.
You'll learn
Expand your vocabulary
Learn to speak competently
You can speak English a lot and correctly.

We will be happy to answer all your questions
E-mail: Forcengschool@gmail.com
Tel: +38 068 955 36 15

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