Grammar club
12+ years old
Tenses… ..phrasal verbs… .idioms… Why are there so many tenses ??? How to puzzle out this ocean of grammatical constructions ??? It seems you got it, but after 2 days you forgot?

We invite you to take part in our grammar club, where we will explain everything in a language each student can understand, we`ll tell you how to use different grammatical constructions and we`ll help to use  it in  practice. Grammar is easy, let's sort it all out together.
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From anywhere in the world
All necessary materials will be available through the online platform
Ideal for
Those who want to deepen their knowledge of English but realize that they are not strong in grammar and need professional help.
You'll learn
Have no trouble understanding verb times

Use numbers and pretexts correctly

Use right-hand articles and wrong verbs

We will be happy to answer all your questions
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